Frequently asked Questions is a platform that allows users to earn real money by completing various tasks online. These tasks include downloading apps, playing games, completing surveys, clicking on ads, and utilising the site's cryptofaucet. Users can earn money for each completed task, which can then be withdrawn through multiple payment options including PayPal, Payeer, and cryptocurrencies. The platform operates similarly to other reward-based websites like,, and, providing users with opportunities to earn money in exchange for their time and participation in online activities. offers a diverse range of tasks that users can complete to earn real money. These tasks include but are not limited to: Downloading and installing apps on your device, Playing various games available on the platform, Completing surveys and providing feedback, Clicking on advertisements and Utilising the site's cryptofaucet feature. These tasks cater to different preferences and interests, providing users with flexibility in choosing the activities they wish to engage in to earn money on the platform.

Absolutely! Although our website is available globally, user experience may differ from country to country. All the offers you see on the main screen are hand picked and manually presented to you, these offers are specific to countries. For users in the USA and UK, the screen will appear full of selections available, the main screen will appear empty for users from many other countries. Furthermore, these offers are all specific to certain devices so the homepage may look more empty on a desktop than it does on a mobile device. You can change the device in the top right of the screen to see more offers! If there are no offers on the main page, click directly on the offer walls below, e.g AdGate, to see all the offers available to you in your country.

We have as many options available to you as possible and are always looking for more ways for you to earn money on LionPlay! The bigger payouts come from featured offers, such as downloading apps, playing games or completing surveys, but we have ways for you to earn smaller increments in much shorter time periods too! You can claim money every hour from our faucet for doing nothing! You can also click on available PTC ads to earn up to 20 coins per ad. Availability of PTC ads depends on how may ads are being hosted by other users or external customers of LionPlay. If no ads are available, pop back a bit later and check to see if there are any new ads up!

At present, we're keeping it simple for you! You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payeer or as a selection of cryptocurrencies. We do have plans to branch out in the future, planning to partner up with FaucetPay and also to partner up with companies that can provide a wide array of gift cards/vouchers. Unfortunately, these things take time but we will keep you updated as we move forward.

Unfortunately, yes. Our main focus here is to provide the highest possible percentage of your earnings through offers completed, this means not increasing our commission in order to cover all expenditures. One of those unavoidable expenditures are transactional fees, as such there is a mandatory 5% fee of all withdrawals, so if you were to withdraw $100, you would receive $95. We believe in honesty and transparency above all else and hope you can understand the situation.

Yes, in order to avoid our transactional fees exceeding your withdrawals, we have placed a minimum withdrawal amount. If you're withdrawing via PayPal then minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 coins ($5) but the minimum for Payeer or currently available Cryptocurrencies is 10,000 coins ($10). Again, we're looking to provide you best possible money for your time, and if we're to start allowing no limit withdrawals, our commission would have to be increased in order to cover the extra incurred costs.

Although not instant, we aim to approve and process your withdrawal within 8 hours, it can be much less. You will receive a confirmation Email when we've processed it our end. The time the funds take to reach you may vary, dependant on the method you've chosen. Whereas PayPal may be near enough instant, Crypto transfer times can vary dependant on network traffic. Please do not contact support until at least 8 hours of requesting withdrawal.

Not at all. Once you've accrued the minimum withdrawal amount in your available balance, you can withdraw it! We do like to keep it simple!

We don't place any restrictions on how many tasks you can do, we want you to make as much money as possible with us because our focus is user satisfaction. Please be warned, however, that when completing bigger offers, offer walls may have their own securities in place to prevent them being defrauded. If you do complete too many offers in a short timeframe, you may trigger automated securities and be banned from using their offer walls. In any instance where an offer wall takes direct action against your user ID, we will not be able to advocate for you and you must contact the offer wall's support team directly.

We reward activity and achievement here! We offer daily leaderboard rewards, as well as weekly leaderboard rewards! We're a very hands-on and eyes-on team here and If we see users contributing positively to the community, being highly active or earning well, we may at any time choose to reward that user, in a way we deem appropriate, separately from the leaderboard rewards.

Not only can you, we actively encourage it! Refer a user and you will receive 10% of their offer wall earnings for life! There's no limit on how many people you can refer so If you have a big network of people you think would actively enjoy LionPlay, there's definitely opportunity for passive income for you, or just to subsidise your own earnings. Please note, you do not earn 10% of earnings made by your referral if those earnings are made through the Faucet, PTC ads, Wheel of Fortune, Dice, the leaderboard rewards or earnings from their own referrals.

We advise you first use the public chat to get answers for your queries. We often watch over the chat and will be able to answer your query publicly where it may also benefit other users. If your issue is with an offer not paying out, we suggest first checking through the offer wall directly. If the offer hasn't tracked, this is an issue between the offer wall and the advertiser and only the offer wall support will be in a position to mediate between the advertisers and yourself. For any issues experienced on the site, please use the support ticket function, we will answer as soon as possible and do all within our power to answer or resolve your ticket in the swiftest possible manner.

That's a definite no. Using multiple accounts, VPNs, Proxies or any other means to deceive the offer walls will result in a permanent, non-negotiable ban. As much as you trust us to be honest in our dealings with you, we require you to be honest in your dealings with us. Any attempt to defraud the offer walls or ourselves will be dealt with swiftly and without compromise.

Absolutely. The only instance in which data is shared between a third party and ourselves is with Google and Facebook when you choose to log in with those methods. We have entered into contracts with both Google and Facebook and have requested only the minimal information on yourselves, in order to create your profile. We have access to your Email and your name, we ask no more. This data share is a one way stream, we do not feed back data to Google or Facebook, neither do we share your data with any other external companies or people. We are GDPR compliant, we respect and value your right to privacy.

We act as intermediaries between the offer walls and yourselves, we have no control over the offers our partners make available to you. Although we have close relationships with all offer wall owners or representatives and know them to be trustworthy companies, as they assume the advertisers they work with to be trustworthy, sometimes an offer slips through that doesn't want to pay out or makes it impossible for users to achieve necessary milestones. Please immediately take this up with the support team for the relevant offer wall, providing all the information possible. Please also put a support ticket in so we can check the details of the advertiser and deal. If we find it to be an offer that has never paid out, or had multiple complaints, we will also contact the offer wall ourselves, as well as ensure the offer isn't featured on our front page, and Email all users to make you all aware. Wasting time, and sometimes money, on an offer, only to get ripped off is infuriating and a very deflating experience, this isn't the experience we want you to have here!

We're happy to know you've found our site to be easy to use and rewarding for you! Due to the nature of rewards sites, Crypto related sites, and us being a fairly new company, It's very hard for us to gain new users, who are sceptical. You can thank us by leaving an honest review of your experience with TrustPilot and/or ScamAdvisor so potential new users can get the perspective of a real user. If you've had a negative experience, please contact us first. If you're unhappy with our resolution, and are still feeling dissatisfied then feel free to post your negative review but we will, at all times, do all within our power to recover our service.